News From Beacon Hill – June 2021

New Business Opportunity: Site Accounts

Site accounts are found in every geographic region and can be customized to fit the needs of the insured. Coverage starts as low as $3,000. See more on Site account opportunities…See our top Site account opportunities.






Porta Potty Rental & Servicing Businesses

We have seen an uptick in porta potty rental, cleaning, and servicing business accounts lately – this is an industry that has seen significant growth for a number of reasons. Learn more about these accounts.






Our #1 Class of Business Written

Beacon Hill has an extremely high hit ratio on environmental contractor accounts, our #1 class of business. In addition to Pollution and Professional Liability, we can write the…Read more.






Pollution Coverage for Carpet Installation Companies

Environmental exposures for carpet installation companies may include: the presence of chemicals used in the carpet manufacturing and preparation process, off gassing from adhesives and the…Get the article.






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