News From Beacon Hill – June 2018

Site Pollution Liability Programs for Developers

Property development firms have significant environmental exposures to consider as they evaluate potential risk management strategies and insurance programs. Read about the challenges and opportunities for these accounts.

Account Profile: Site Pollution Liability for a Contaminated Site

With the economy in full swing across many parts of the country, real estate values are soaring, and developers are eager to convert industrial sites into mixed use facilities. Check out a challenging EIL account we recently wrote.

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Environmental Claim Scenarios

When discussing environmental insurance with your client, it is often helpful to have specific examples of situations where the coverage has been used and, in many cases, has prevented a catastrophic financial loss to the company. Read real life claim scenarios.

Coverage Information for Energy Accounts

Energy risks are always in a state of dynamic change, adapting to the needs of their clients and the insurance requirements placed upon them. Our markets have the ability to write…Read more.