News From Beacon Hill – June 2017

This Year’s Biggest Opportunities: Mold & More

This year has seen a period of continued changes in the environmental industry. Market challenges are leading to opportunities in many areas, and agents and brokers who pay attention to the underlying trends can capitalize on them. We have identified five areas that will lead to significant market opportunity in the coming months.


The first, and the one getting the most attention right now, relates to mold. There has been a large uptick in mold claims in hospitality related risks, both in frequency as well as severity. This activity is leaking into other habitational risks, creating a new landscape for indoor air quality focused coverages.

While mold related exposures have long been a concern in the environmental industry, the evolution of coverage over the last ten years has created the environment for claims to occur in a way not necessarily expected. Carriers that are focused on long-term stability realized some time ago that the race to the bottom on price was not sustainable. Insurance professionals want the…Read more >>

Other News

Summit: Mold Issue
Mold is an exposure that has been a game-changer for many insurance providers, and one that has changed the way insureds educate and protect their investments & reputation. Although…Read the issue >> 

Account Profile: Retro Date Considerations
We recently wrote an account that had some challenging issues with retro dates. When dealing with claims made policies one of the biggest E&O considerations we face involves retro dates. Read the article >>

Recent Success Stories

  • $633k Asbestos abatement contractor purchased GL/CPL ($1M/$1M), Workers Comp ($1M), and a $2M Excess policy for a total of $37,111.
  • An oil & gas well owner/operator with 215 wells and 385,000 acres to develop purchased an EIL policy with $35M total limits for $500,000.
  • A 6-location steel fabrication company purchased an EIL policy for $241,000. Coverage includes $10M pre-existing 10-year term with $10M new conditions 3-year term.
  • An oil storage & delivery company (2 locations) purchased EIL/CPL/TPL with an $8M Excess policy for $15,000.
  • A wastewater treatment facility purchased a $1M EIL policy for $7,250.