News From Beacon Hill – July 2021

Get the Latest Issue of The Summit: Waste Disposal

There are a number of disposal concerns for insureds — clients’ premises, neighboring properties, contracting operations, transportation and arrangement of additional…Visit the Waste Disposal issue of The Summit.






Coverage Enhancements in Contractors Pollution & Professional

Over the past five years, one particular product has shown enormous growth in the environmental space:  the combined Pollution and Professional Liability policy. General contractors and…Read the article.






Mold, Meth Labs, and Legionella: Pollution Exposures for Habitational Properties

Site Pollution coverage can be offered on a variety of risks, including apartments, hotels, colleges and universities, manufacturing and chemical plants, office buildings, and even vacant land. More on pollution exposures for these risks.






Concerns for Contractors: Non-Owned Disposal Sites

All contractors rely on various types of facilities and resources to responsibly handle their waste. It quickly becomes ‘out of sight and out of mind’ once discarded, but it is…What could go wrong with this disposal process? 






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