News From Beacon Hill – January 2023

Beacon Hill’s Most Popular Articles From Last Year

Take a look at our most read and shared posts of 2022. Drum roll, please! Occasionally insureds have a contract requiring higher limits than they currently carry. Sometimes, they are interested in raising their full policy limit to meet the requirement and provide…Have your read our top article?

Environmental Coverage for Real Estate Portfolios

We have experience with real estate portfolios and can help you get a ballpark or quote with minimal information. Get access to markets who can offer a range of options with coverage tailored to fit the insured’s needs. See minimum premiums and more.

Working with An Environmental Wholesaler: The Secret to Success

Insurance publications and LinkedIn posts are often inundated with the call for specialization in the insurance industry. Finding your “niche” as a producer, broker, or underwriter is arguably the most common career advice. There are plenty of…Read the article.

Exposure Spotlight: Indoor Air Quality

Most environmental indoor air quality (IAQ) concerns center around materials brought into a building, components of the building itself, or operations taking place in the building. Even when a building is thought to be managed properly, any spill, failure…What types of exposures threaten IAQ?

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