News From Beacon Hill – February 2018

February Spotlight: Insurance for Habitational Risks

Insureds who manage or own habitational facilities face many potential environmental exposures. These facilities are unique risks because of the health standards that must be met and maintained in a multi-unit living/working environment. From air quality to food handling, the insured needs to be covered for potential problems that may occur in sleeping rooms, gyms, cafeterias, labs, dorm rooms, classrooms, patient rooms, and other meeting spaces.

Representative Risks: Hospitals, apartment buildings, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, other medical centers, college campuses, boarding schools, training centers, and other on-campus education facilities or meeting spaces.

The environmental insurance policy most applicable for addressing concerns at habitational sites is a Site Pollution Liability policy. This product is designed to provide coverage for third party property damage, third party bodily injury, and first party cleanup as a result of pollution conditions stemming from the activities at these locations.

Read more about coverage for habitational sites.


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Recent Success Stories

Check out a few of the recent accounts we have written over the past month.

  • $28.4M Drywall contractor purchased standalone Occurrence CPL for $8,732.
  • $1.6M Pipeline testing company purchased GL/CPL/E&O and Excess for a total of $24,817.
  • Office park purchased EIL coverage for $83,849.
  • $110M General contractor purchased Occurrence CPL for $21,897.
  • $3.4M Chemical distributor purchased GL/CPL/EIL and Excess for a total of $39,506.
  • $1.2M Emergency response contractor purchased Occurrence CPL for $9,455.
  • $6.8M HVAC contractor purchased CPL/E&O for $7,049.
  • A country club purchased EIL coverage for $3,120.
  • $$6M Tank contractor purchased GL/CPL/E&O, Auto, Workers Compensation, and Excess for a total of $100,692.
  • An aviation mechanical services facility purchased EIL for $7,598.
  • $10M Design build general contractor purchased CPL/E&O for $6,061.