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Recent Chemical Spill Raises Awareness of Environmental Exposures

By Michael Tighe, Assistant Vice President

A chemical spill, like the one experienced in Charleston West Virginia, reinforces the need for effective environmental insurance coverage. In addition to the immediate concerns of clean up and bodily injury claims, there are other issues that can be addressed by an environmental impairment liability policy (EIL), also known as Site Pollution Liability.

On January 9th the public became aware of an estimated 10,000 gallon spill of a chemical known to wash coal and reduce ash (4 -methylcyclohexane methanol) into the Elk River from Freedom Industries Chemical Plant. Days later it was discovered an additional 7,500 gallons of polyglycol ethers (PPH) also entered this water system one mile upstream from West Virginia’s American Water Company intake. A week later Freedom Industries filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and reports indicate inadequate insurance to respond to this situation.

Besides 3rd party Bodily Injury claims and river clean up, there are a number of other related costs and concerns that can be transferred to an insurance company. Many pollution policies allow the insured to immediately respond to an impending environmental situation. Emergency response coverage allows … Read the complete article.

Recent Success Stories

  • $4.5M Excavation/grading contractor purchased CPL, inlcuding TPL and NODs, for $8,440.
  • $38M Electrical contractor purchased CPL/E&O ($2M/$3M) for $18,929.
  • $5.6M Excavation contractor purchased a $2M/$2M CPL policy for $4,963.
  • Oil & gas disposal wells; company purchased Site Pollution Liability, including off-site contracting operations (2 locations), $1M limit for $6,800.
  • $3M Landfill contractor, purchased a $3M GL/CPL policy for $11,000.
  • Bulk oil terminal purchased coverage, including pre-existing unknown coverage, off-site, and new conditions coverage including on-site cleanup. $5M/$10M, 3-yr policy for $65,000.
  • $1M Water Restoration Facility purchased GL/Site Pollution ($1M/$2M) and Excess ($5M) for $26,000.