News From Beacon Hill – August 2022

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Pollution Exposure: Meth Labs

Meth labs are being discovered on properties all over the country, and the effects of this drug residue can require extensive cleanup and potential health concerns…How difficult is it to clean up a meth lab?






Top 3 Accounts to Target This Fall

We want to share with you our list of accounts that we see as the best opportunities right now. We are actively writing this business and have carrier partners who want to provide…See new business opportunities.






Recycling Centers and Environmental Insurance

In the past few years, we have seen large shifts in the insurance marketplace regarding carrier appetite and capacity for certain classes of business. In this article, we will examine…Read the article.






New Business Alert: Solar Contractors

Solar contractors need environmental coverage to address potential pollution concerns, which can include waste disposal, runoff, mishandling chemicals and silicon, etc. Read more about renewable energy risks.






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