News From Beacon Hill – August 2016

Important Message About Broker & Carrier Partnerships

With so much competition and churn in the current marketplace, we want to take a moment to thank you for your business and encourage you to continue to think about the quality of the insurance carriers and brokers quoting your accounts. Assuring the stability and capabilities of both of these parties is a major part of your role as an advisor to your clients. Often overlooked and seldom stressed to the consumer, the right choice is an important part of the overall coverage placement decision.

It’s crucial to seek coverage from reputable companies and compare their capabilities, service standards, and forms to identify advantages and potential deficiencies. It’s equally important to be sure the brokers with whom you work have the experience and expertise to add value, not detract from it. Saving money on premium is meaningless if the right coverage is not in place with the right parties involved.

One of the reasons we have been successful throughout the years is because we choose to work only with reputable, stable insurance providers. We have long-standing partnerships with more than 20 “A” rated markets who write Premises Pollution, Contractors Professional, General Liability/Pollution/Professional package policies, and many other lines.

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Our goal is to be your complete environmental resource. Our largest account is close to seven figures, and our smallest is $350, so we are able to help with a full range of opportunities by offering leading coverage from top insurance companies.

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