News From Beacon Hill – August 2014

Environmental Exposure Focus: Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air environments can be very complex and environmental concerns can stem from a multitude of contaminants. When there is a problem, most indoor air quality (IAQ) issues are the result of particulate, chemical, or biological contaminants.

— Particulates include dusts, dirt, or activities such as printing, copying, or smoking and are solid or liquid substances that are light enough to be suspended in air.

— Chemical pollutants include emissions from building products including cleaning or maintenance chemicals, building components like lead paint, asbestos, adhesives, and radon.

— Biological components include bacteria, viruses, fungi (including mold), and dust mites. IAQ is an important concern because people spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors.

Some IAQ contaminants are regulated, such as radon, lead paint, and asbestos, however, the majority of IAQ contaminants are not. Although there are numerous potential indoor air quality contaminants, there is one type of environmental insurance policy that is most applicable to addressing IAQ concerns. That is a Site Pollution policy, also known as a Premises Pollution policy, EIL, or PLL. This product is designed to provide coverage for pollution conditions that can lead to IAQ issues.

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Coverage for Fixed Based Operators

By Michael Tighe, Assistant Vice President

Off the shelf Pollution policies may cover only a portion of your client’s exposures. Frequently there is a need to remove or modify standard Pollution policy wording in order to provide effective coverage. It may also be necessary to include more than one Pollution coverage part in order to round out an account. A fixed-based operator (FBO) is a good example of this issue.

FBOs are typically independent airport contractors providing aeronautical support services such as: airplane fueling/defueling, aircraft maintenance, taxing, de-icing, tie-down, and parking/storage operations. There are an estimated 3,000 FBOs operating in the United States and are usually located on airport property. There are several exposures an FBO should be aware of when considering coverage. Read more.


Recent Success Stories

$17.4M Environmental engineer and contractor purchased GL, CPL, E&O, and a $3M Excess policy for a total of $157,425.

$4.9M Company specializing in the sales and service of forklifts purchased Premises Pollution Liability for $3,025 (2 locations, includes 3 aboveground storage tanks).

$500k Abestos abatement/tank removal contractor GL, CPL, and a $1M Excess policy for $16,552.

$3.5M Environmental contractor purchased GL, CPL, E&O, Auto, and a $9M Excess policy for a total of $122,220.

$1M Abatement contractor purchased GL, CPL, E&O for $9,951.

Residential housing (apartments & condos) and retail leasing space company purchased a 3-year Site Pollution policy ($2M/$10M) for $42,771.

$1.5M Masonry contractor purchased CPL ($3M/$3M) for $7,698.