News From Beacon Hill – April 2020

Beacon Hill can assist you with current clients and prospects affected by COVID-19

Here’s how our team can help you:

  • Insureds may be considering a reduction in revenue projections on upcoming renewals. Some carriers may be resistant to lowered projections and renewal premiums, although our carriers have been very accommodating to these requests. Let us know if you have questions about this or would like to discuss a specific account.
  • Communicable Disease Exclusions are being applied to many policies at renewal or midterm if the insured is considering any COVID-19 cleanup work. We have solutions for these risks.
  • We can provide coverage reviews and comparisons for insureds considering Pollution coverage for the first time or exploring their options.
  • Even though many industries have slowed daily operations, many are seeing growth and planning for the time when business returns to a normal pace. Let’s identify market segments that need coverage now and in the near future. Contact us to discuss these opportunities.

Let us how we can be of service to you and your team. Having the right coverage is critically important, and not all carriers treat viruses the same. Beacon Hill can help you understand what you can and cannot get in the market so your clients can move forward understanding the coverage they have.


Have questions? Here’s how you can reach us:

Phone: (800) 596-2156
Visit our team webpage for more specific contact numbers and emails.

Get a CPL Quote Online

Beacon Hill now offers the ability for agents to receive an A+ rated Contractors Pollution Liability quote for their insureds online. Available through the Beacon Hill Agent Portal, agents can answer basic questions about the insured and receive a bindable CPL quote to download. Once your quote is generated, you can then choose to bind your account online. Learn more.


Spotlight: Remediation Contractors

As with every catastrophic event, some business struggle while others are overwhelmed with work. Disinfection and remediation contractors are busy now but are expecting to see even more growth. As we transition out of stay-at-home environments, these contractors will be cleaning office buildings, hotels, senior care facilities, and more. Learn more about these contractors. Learn more.



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