Success Stories – April 2018




Check out a few of the recent accounts we have written over the past month:

$7.5M General contractor purchased a $5M/$5M CPL policy for $5,000.

$2M Industrial cleaner purchased GL/CPL, Auto, and Excess for a total of $68,758.

$38M Chemical manufacturer purchased GL/CPL/EIL ($1M/$2M) and $5M Excess, and an additional $10M Excess policy for a total of $174,000.

A roll-off recycling company purchased GL/CPL ($1M/$2M), Auto ($1M), and Excess ($5M) for a total of $84,228.

$8.25M Metal fabricator and installer purchased CPL/E&O for $16,969.

$2.5M Electrical contractor purchased CPL for $3,748.

$100k Abatement contractor purchased GL/CPL/E&O for $2,500.

$2.7M Chemical manufacturer purchased GL/CPL for $18,640.

$9M Manufacturer purchased a standalone $5M/$5M CPL policy for $10,531.

A concrete mix distributor purchased a $5M/$5M EIL policy for $127,206.

$4.3M Utility excavation contractor purchased CPL/E&O for $7,634.