Success Stories – December 2017

Check out a few accounts we have written over the past month:

$30.5M Steel building manufacturer purchased CPL/E&O and EIL for $20,111.

$750k Recycling center purchased GL/EIL and Excess for a total of $51,774.

$10M General contractor purchased CPL for $15,502.

A Fire sprinkler contractor purchased GL/CPL/EIL/Auto and Excess for a total of $93,317.

A car dealership purchased EIL for $11,356.

$10M Concrete contractor purchased a CPL policy for $6,117.

$900k Medical waste disposal company purchased GL/CPL/E&O and Auto for a total of $11,109.

$5M Roofing contractor purchased CPL for $5,568.

$1M Environmental consultant purchased GL/CPL/E&O and Excess for $6,870.

$8.5M Street, road, and bridge contractor purchased CPL for $8,892.