Working with an Environmental Specialist

We understand that some agency marketing plans require you to go direct or to utilize related wholesale brokers, and so we may not always be your first call. While in principle going direct may be a good idea, with coverage as unique and complex as environmental policies often are, we believe that working with a specialist is a wise decision. Where a generalist can be of some assistance, nothing replaces partnering with a broker that truly specializes in this class. Working with Beacon Hill brings you the following:

Product knowledge

Beacon Hill Associates has specialized in environmental insurance products for twenty-seven years. We have worked on over 65,000 risks and placed over $470M in premium. We know this business. Our team members can help you find the perfect balance of risk transfer and cost to meet your clients’ needs.

Access to wholesale only markets

Some of the leading environmental carriers only work with wholesale brokers. We work with the best, and we can bring them to the table for you.

Premier access to markets

Due to the volume we write with our carrier partners, our highly regarded submissions receive priority treatment. Our new business submission received-to-bound ratio of over 32% is evidence of our established partnerships and the synergy we have with them. Getting the right market to take your submission seriously is critical to success.

Access to the best markets in the class

Beacon Hill has carefully selected the group of carriers we work with, and we remain committed to bringing the top insurance companies to our agents. Quality of form, financial security, and claims handling are all considered before we work with a market.

A second opinion

When you go direct to a market, you get a single perspective on what a good program is. While many underwriters know their own products, very few really know their competitor’s. We can help you by showing you alternative solutions from our carriers, allowing you to put the right program in front of your client.

Some compelling numbers to review as you consider working with Beacon Hill Associates as your environmental partner:

  • Specializing in this niche for over 27 years
  • New business submit-to-bind ratio 32%
  • Over 65,000 accounts worked on
  • Over $470,000,000 in premium placed
  • Renewal retention of over 85%
  • Placed coverage on over 33,000 accounts
  • Dedicated post binding service and support teams
  • Dedicated renewal team, assuring the best retention possible

We encourage you to think of Beacon Hill to round out your marketing efforts for your client. For more information, please contact us at (800) 596-2156 or