Winterizing Your Clients’ Insurance

Most areas of the country are being rocked by winter weather—freezing temperatures, ice, snow, and cold winds. Many businesses see an increase in work during the winter months, especially those that specialize in any kind of machinery maintenance. For many companies, cold weather means a significant increase in projects involving heating systems, plumbing, snow removal, chimney maintenance, fuel delivery, tank cleaning, etc. It’s crucial that these companies have coverage in place to protect themselves from pollution claims.

Some of the companies that see an increase of activity in winter months include:

  • HVAC Contractors – Maintenance for heating units
  • Plumbers – Fixing frozen pipes and busted water heaters
  • Auto Repair and Vehicle Maintenance Facilities
  • Heating and Oil Contractors
  • Chimney Sweeps/Maintenance Contractors
  • Snow Removal/Street & Road Contractors

Make sure your clients aren’t “left out in the cold” this winter; call them today to make sure they have the right coverage for their operations.