Understanding Insurance Subjectivities on a Quote

By Megan Stephens, PartnerOne Environmental Underwriter

When an insured receives a quote, one of the first items they review is the subjectivities. The list of required subjectivities can be intimidating, but carriers have reasons for requesting this information. Understanding the purpose of each of them can help an agent explain the importance to an insured.


Qualifications are used by the carrier to make sure an insured is experienced to do the operations/services the carrier is covering. Qualifications can be anything from resumes, statement of the insured’s qualifications (SOQ), training certificates, or a company brochure. All of these items are seen as positives to a carrier because they show an insured’s knowledge about the operations and services they are insuring.


Financials are requested by a carrier to examine an insured’s stability. In the event of a claim, the carrier wants to make sure the insured is able to pay the deductible. Many package/pollution policies are based on an insured’s estimated exposure (revenues) for the upcoming year; if an insured’s gross revenues fluctuate by a large amount, then financials are reviewed to make sure this information is accurate and to review positive or negative trends.

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