Top 4 Accounts to Go After Right Now

While much of the nation is operating differently these days, there are still many industries that have seen steady business and even growth. We have also talked with several of our agents about specific insureds that are putting coverage into place for the time when operations return to normal.

We want to share with you our list of account types that we see as the best opportunities right now—we are actively writing this business and have carrier partners who want to provide coverage for these risks.

Remediation contractors

These contractors perform corrective actions for spills/releases of hazardous materials at contaminated sites. They also may develop site safety plans designed to respond to these types of issues.

Janitorial & disinfection contractors

As we move out of stay-at-home environments, these contractors will be cleaning office buildings, retail centers, hotels, senior care facilities, etc. As these are a type of trade contractor, our markets are generally only interested in the Contractors Pollution to supplement your standard market GL. Please be sure to let us know about their experience and qualifications when you submit.

Health & safety consultants

Many businesses have been able to step back during the last few months and are trying to evaluate how they can run a safer and more responsible company, especially in the event of another major disaster.


Developers and construction companies are preparing for business to fall into a regular pace again. We are also entering into the summer season, which is always a busy time for building, renovation, and construction projects.
Do you have any of these insureds in your book of business? If so, contact us to discuss coverage options. Our team is here and ready to help.

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