The Summit: Contractor Issue

Contractors today are faced with increasingly complex exposures. Some of these stem from the evolving scope of work performed and contractual responsibility assumed, and some are created by the efforts of the legal community to hold contractors accountable. The current issue of The Summit focuses on these issues and more:

Modern Day Concerns for Contractors

Contractors are being forced to examine their professional exposures, as well as address concerns relating to conditions on the jobsite, transportation, waste disposal, and more. Read the article.

Seasonal Exposures for Contractors

The spring season often brings unique challenges to contractors as work typically picks up, along with weather-related pollution concerns. Read the article.

Market Trends: Contractors

Although construction spending rose more than 10% in 2015 over 2014, prices for CPL policies have remained flat at rates that have been decreasing for the last 10 years. Read the article.

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