The #1 Reason to Work with Beacon Hill Associates


Working with the Beacon Hill team will provide more than just access to the top environmental markets. We will bring you solutions for your insureds, with a focus on the best coverage in the marketplace, the speed & service you need, and the tools to help sell the coverage. See all Beacon Hill products >

Resources & support we offer:

  • Coverage comparisons: After obtaining quotes from top environmental carriers in the marketplace, we can help spell out the differences in these offerings.
  • Exposure summaries: Industry-specific overviews of what the clients’ exposures are and the coverage lines they need to address these risks.
  • Claims scenarios and current news stories involving pollution exposures: Give your clients specific examples of why pollution coverage is a critical part of an insurance program and what can happen if the right coverage isn’t in place.
  • OnTarget Program: Indications and a full exposure report within 2 hours for certain classes of business.
  • Beacon Hill can join you for client presentations: Alongside our agents, we often take part in client presentations in order to explain exposures and help present coverage options.

For a full list of our competitive agent resources, visit our Resources webpage.

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Environmental Issues & Lawsuits

The way our culture thinks about environmental issues has changed dramatically over the past several years. People are more educated and aware of problems stemming from pollution releases and are more willing to take legal action against each other. While some businesses are required to carry coverage, many don’t understand the impact of a pollution release until a lawsuit is brought against them. And with recent high profile pollution-related lawsuits ranging from six figures to well over a billion dollars, all it takes is one claim for a company to be forced to close its doors.

It is not just a “courtesy” to discuss specialty coverages with your insureds, it has become an important part of your commitment to your clients. Let Beacon Hill Associates help you navigate the increasingly complex environmental insurance space to help you strengthen your client relationships and grow your agency business.

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