Standalone Excess Coverage

Beacon Hill has monoline Excess options! If you are looking for more competitive pricing on a current Excess placement or need to build higher Excess capacity on an existing program, we partner with highly-rated companies with a broad appetite for Standalone Excess policies.

Our core environmental and energy related industries are always top classes for additional Excess limits. However, keep us in mind for challenging and difficult to place risks. Our Excess capabilities vary from sitting over Pollution-only related accounts to scheduling the packaged GL, Pollution, Auto and EL programs.

In general, the following information is needed for a submission:

  • Acord Applicant Info, CGL & Umbrella sections completed, including all information on vehicles to be covered.
  • Specifics of underlying coverages, including carrier, limits and premiums.
  • Three years currently valued loss runs, or loss statement on Insured’s letterhead.

Some background on Excess coverage:

In some cases, growth for Excess coverage in the insurance space has been driven by contractual requirements. In others, it has been highlighted by environmental disasters like the (self-insured) explosion of BP’s Deepwater Horizon drilling rig or the (under-insured) leak of Freedom Industries’ tanks that contaminated an entire city’s drinking water supply. Reflecting on these situations may be helpful when explaining the potential implications of going without proper Excess insurance.

By looking at the need for excess coverage, the options in the marketplace, and the tools available to construct an appropriate Excess insurance program will maximize your value to your client. Never hesitate to reach out to us to provide you with this information.

Beacon Hill offers Excess over select coverages like Mold or CPL, or over multiple coverage parts (GL, Auto, and Workers Comp). For more information, please contact us.

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