Spotlight: Mold and Legionnaires Claims

We have seen a significant increase in claims involving mold and Legionnaires’ disease this past year. These issues are more serious and complex than the traditionally highlighted claims involving mold in old office buildings and moisture or bacteria problems that can happen in neglected properties. These claims are showing up in nursing homes, colleges, buildings in areas that have been affected by severe weather, and other properties around the country. Asbestos and lead exposures are also areas of concern, since many companies are seeing bodily injury claims as a result of people coming into contact with these materials. Court cases surrounding these problems are now more prevalent as property owners and managers are being held more accountable for their properties and health cases can be directly traced back to mold, legionella, asbestos, and lead.

Read about some of the recent claims involving these issues:

Legionnaires’ Death Toll at Reynoldsburg Retirement Center Hits 6

Tennessee Health Club Sued Over Legionnaire’s Disease

Toxic Mold Case Can Go Forward: NY Appellate Court

Asbestos Dangers Lurk in Fire-damaged Seattle Apartments

California cities seek $1 billion settlement for lead paint-related health care costs

Team up with Beacon Hill to address these issues. Here are some specifics for this type of policy:

  • Coverage can be modified to cover only new conditions occurring from policy inception onward, only unknown pre-existing conditions, or both.
  • The policy can cover clean-up costs for bacteria or viruses required by the health department or Center for Disease Control.
  • Waste disposal activities, as well as emergency response costs coverage is available.
  • Coverage can be constructed to apply only to on-site bodily injury, property damage, and clean up; only to off-site, or to both.
  • Coverage is very flexible.
  • Coverage is almost always Claims Made.
  • One policy can be written for a portfolio of properties.
  • Minimum premiums can start as low as $3,000 for $1M of protection.

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