Environmental Insurance for Medical Transport Companies

Medical transport companies have a heightened risk from environmental exposures because of the population they serve. Patients needing transport are often ill or frail, and run a higher than normal risk of having an adverse reaction to any toxins they may be exposed to. These toxins can be introduced by the very patients transported, as well as from cleaning and maintenance of the vehicles in question.

In addition to patient risks, transport companies can impact the environment through accidents and spills over the road, releasing medical waste, chemicals, etc. They also have an exposure from their owned or operated locations, as these are very often the places units are cleaned and serviced.

As the volume of transport activities continue to rise, addressing the environmental exposures faced by these risks will be crucial to their viability going forward.

Solutions to the Environmental Exposures that Medical Transport Companies May Face

Every type of medical transport entity is unique and will have its own set of challenges; however, there are two major types of insurance products that will respond to most of the environmental issues that medical transport companies face:

Contractor Pollution Liability (CPL) is the primary insurance product designed for medical transport companies. This is a product that provides coverage for pollution conditions caused by the Insured in the performance of their operations for others, away from premises they own or operate. This will include environmental incidents that the medical transport company creates or exacerbates on the way to or at emergency response sites. It also would include environmental conditions that create a bodily injury exposure to their patients. It can be endorsed to cover upset and overturn over the road. The policy is designed to provide third party liability coverage in response to claims for bodily injury, property damage, or cleanup costs.

Premises Pollution Liability (EIL) is a product that is designed to provide coverage for the storage and maintenance yards of medical transport companies. The policy is designed to provide first and third party liability clean up coverage and third party bodily injury and property damage coverage.

These products can be enhanced to provide coverage for environmental releases during transportation activities. In addition, these products can be enhanced to provide coverage for claims stemming from the disposal of waste, including medical and biological waste that result in claims against medical transport companies for bodily injury, property damage, or cleanup costs. Request more information on medical transport companies.