Site Pollution for Wastewater Treatment Plants

Wastewater treatment plants can be found all over the United States, and are designed to clean used water and sewage so that it can be returned safely to our environment. This wastewater comes from homes, schools, businesses, groundwater runoff, and storm water infiltration, and must be sent through several processes in order to safely remove solid particles, reduce pollutants, and restore oxygen. Treatments involve enormous, complex machines, as well as people to operate this equipment. Holding tanks, drums, and other storage systems are also utilized at these facilities to contain the influent sewage while undergoing the treatment process.

With so many environmental exposures present on a wastewater treatment site, it is crucial that the site is properly insured. The chemicals and machinery used in processing wastewater and the resulting solids/sludges can cause bodily injury to workers, site explosions, pollutant discharge into the soil, water, and/or air, and a whole host of other problems that can result in an insurance claim.

Beacon Hill Associates offers an exceptional site pollution policy that can help wastewater treatment plants protect their facilities and surrounding neighbors. It provides coverage for off-site clean up, defense costs, third party bodily injury, and property damage claims.

Available product enhancements for PartnerOne Premises Pollution include:

  • Transportation Pollution Liability
  • Natural Resources Damages
  • Coverage for Aboveground and Underground Storage Tanks
  • Extended Reporting Periods
  • Combined General Liability/Site Pollution Liability available along with supporting Auto and Excess Liability

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