Protect Your Clients Who Work in the Recycling Industry

The recycling industry is booming—are these facility owners and operators properly covered against environmental exposures?

The recycling industry has recently seen tremendous growth due to the green initiative, as well as the recent downturn in the economy. People around the country are taking a sustainable approach to living, using less and recycling the materials that they do use. Rapidly rising food and fuel prices are stretching peoples’ paychecks and motivating them to find new ways to save money. While many of the recyclers are construction companies and contractors looking to make a profit from their scraps, average households in states that reimburse people for recyclable goods are also joining this trend.

As more materials are shipped to local recycling centers, these facilities are increasing their environmental exposure, sometimes without knowing it. Materials may arrive that cannot be recycled, thus proper disposal is required. The influx of goods means longer periods of storage, and the recycling machines are running for longer periods of time, consuming more fuel. In addition, more traffic on these sites may increase the potential for the accumulation of petroleum hydrocarbons in the soil.

Recycling facility owners and operators should make sure they are adequately protected against these exposures by purchasing an environmental insurance policy. The following products will work to protect these facilities and their operators from claims and help to ensure their future organizational success and stability:

General Liability/Contractors Pollution Liability/Premises Pollution – A combined form providing General Liability coverage, as well as Contractors Pollution Liability coverage for any offsite contracting work and Premises Pollution Liability for the onsite recycling operations. Other product enhancements are available. More information on packaged insurance for environmental facilities.

Contractors Pollution Liability – Coverage designed to protect from third party claims for damages caused by “Pollution Conditions” arising from the Insured’s covered operations. Optional coverage enhancements are available. More information on CPL.

Premises Pollution – Coverage for both on-site and off-site clean-up, defense costs, and third party bodily injury and property damage claims. Other product enhancements are available. More information on Site or Premises Pollution.

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