Policies: Making Sure They Get to Our Agents Quickly and Correctly

By Shelly Cooper, Administrative Assistant

After your account has bound and you have received your binder, the policy review process begins here at Beacon Hill and PartnerOne Environmental. Our goals are to ensure that you receive your policy in a timely manner and to catch any potential mistakes made on the policy and have them corrected.

The first step in our review process begins when the policy is received from the carrier and logged into our system by our office assistants. After the policy has been received and logged in, a copy of the declarations page will be printed to be pulled and reviewed. The majority of our staff is extensively trained on reviewing policies, so we have a large group of people who are tasked with carefully examining them. The second step of the process is pulling the dec page and matching it against the binder, quote, and our internal database to make sure all information is consistent. These are the main things we are checking on the policy: the insured name, limits, deductible, premiums, retroactive date(s), and taxes/stamps (if Beacon Hill is doing the filings). We will also make sure that all requested enhancements, endorsements, and endorsement edition dates are correct. Given no errors are found on the policy, it is then set up with a cover letter and saved to the file. An e-mail will then be sent to a second person in the office for final review. This person will make sure all the required steps were done in the review and also to double check for mistakes. If no mistakes were found, the policy it is then sent back to the original reviewer to be sent to the agent.

If any errors are found during our review process, we will notify the carrier to have the policy amended. In most cases the carrier will be able to make corrections and send us a new policy. However if an endorsement is required to correct the policy, we then wait until we have received the amendment from the carrier. The policy and amendment endorsement are set up to be sent to the agent along with a note explaining what the change endorsement is amending. An e-mail is then sent to someone else within the office for final review and the policy is sent back to the original reviewer to be forwarded to the agent.

Our goal is not only to make sure that you receive your policy quickly, but to take the time to review it and make sure it is completely correct before we send it. We are continually striving to provide our agents with the best possible service. If you have any questions about our policy review process, please contact us.