New Business Opportunity: Sites, Facilities, and Portfolios

The environmental insurance marketplace is currently seeing significant disruption–and opportunity–for site accounts. Beacon Hill has extensive experience with this type of business and can help you get a ballpark or quote with minimal information. We have access to markets who can offer a wide range of options with coverage tailored to fit the insured’s unique needs.

Target risks:

  • Portfolios
  • Property owners, operators, and managers.
  • Industrial facilities, including: recyclers, storage sites, landfills, warehouses, manufacturers, etc.
  • Habitational properties, including: senior care centers, assisted living facilities, rehab centers, hospice care facilities, colleges & boarding schools, hotels, resorts, etc.
  • Any purchasers or sellers of properties.

Coverage enhancements:

  • Mold, fungus, and legionella coverage.
  • Non-owned disposal site coverage.
  • Illicit abandonment.
  • Transportation Pollution Liability coverage.
  • Many more enhancement options.

Stand alone Site Pollution Liability insurance costs as little as $3,000, with deductibles starting at $2,500. Limits are available from $500k/$500k to $25M. Learn more.

It is important to recognize that not all pollution policies are the same, and that many policies do not address all of the potential exposures. It is also important to understand that all policies contain exclusions that can impact the degree of coverage provided. Common examples exclude claims resulting from intentional acts or willful non-compliance with environmental regulations.

The key to purchasing effective coverage for these exposures is to work with insurance carriers that are experienced with the class and are actively seeking to write the business. Claims paying history, responsiveness, and service are key elements to be reviewed when deciding between carriers. Scope of coverage being offered can be significantly different between companies, so choosing carefully is important.

In order to get the best terms from industry-leading carriers, insureds should provide the right information. Sites, facilities, and portfolios require unique information to underwrite. While some companies will provide indications of pricing based on limited information, to get the best coverage, the insured needs to submit complete information.

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