New Business Opportunity: Manufacturer & Distributor Accounts

Overseen by the EPA and OSHA, manufacturing and distributing facilities are far safer and cleaner today than they once were. This does not mean, however, that they are without risk. It is important for agents working with these insureds to recognize the breadth of pollution exposures these operations have.

Discharging and disposing of waste under permit is fine, but what is the liability to the business if those permits are exceeded? And what about unintentional discharges or releases? What happens if a long-term process at the site slowly contaminates the groundwater at the insured’s plant?

For agents working to provide their manufacturing & distributor clients with the right coverage, it is more important than ever to understand the environmental exposures they face. From their facilities to their products, pollution exposures are clearly present and significant. Agents and brokers need to work hard to see these exposures and pursue the right coverage for them. Read more about concerns for these insureds.

Target risks include:

  • Furniture manufacturers
  • Textile manufacturers
  • Paper manufacturers
  • Insulation manufacturers
  • Chemical manufacturers
  • Herbicide and pesticide manufacturers
  • Remediation equipment manufacturers
  • Storage tank manufacturers
  • Distribution centers
  • Fulfillment centers
  • Warehouses: public, private, government, etc.

As the understanding of the breadth of pollution exposures manufacturers face has broadened, the environmental industry has worked to keep pace, providing coverages for a growing range of situations. Today’s insurance industry offers a wide array of products to manufacturers and distributors, addressing the variety of exposures they face. The challenge for agents working with these products is selecting the right coverages to correctly protect their client.

Insurance solutions for manufacturing and distribution businesses:

Premises Pollution Liability (EIL)

GL & Products Pollution Coverage

Contractors Professional (CPL/E&O)

Transportation Pollution Liability (TPL)

Non-owned Disposal Site Coverages (NODS)

Storage Tank Coverage

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