Need information on environmental exposures & coverage? We can help.

Information by product

See our list of coverages generally available through Beacon Hill Associates. Please note that many risks require a combination of these coverages to adequately address an insured’s environmental needs. Every account has a pollution exposure. By discussing environmental products that can effectively address these exposures, you will provide broader coverage for your client, highlight your agency’s professionalism, help secure future renewals, and generate more revenue on your accounts. Read more.

Information by industry

Many agencies focus on a specific type of client or industry. This allows them to provide customized guidance, support, and knowledge on the common exposures these insureds regularly face. Beacon Hill Associates has now made it easier for agents to get information relating to their specialized fields – we have put together all the product information and applications needed to help sell the right coverage to your insureds. Industry information includes contractors, manufacturers, energy risks, etc. Read more.

Information by exposure

The environmental exposures that can affect an insured are varied and complex. Whether you are working with environmental contractors and consultants, non-environmental risks, or a site/facility, there are many exposure and coverage considerations. Pollution claims can result from so many unforeseeable sources―negligence on the part of an employee, mold from a storm, cleaning product spills, historical pollution problems at a site, and countless other possible issues. Read more.

Click HERE to get additional information on miscellaneous product information on project policies, Standalone Excess, and Construction Wrap Up Policies.

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