Natural Disasters: Turning the Unpredictable into Opportunities to Help Your Clients

As we close the books on 2017 and look forward to 2018 and beyond, it’s hard not to reflect on the series of natural disasters that plagued the country in the past year. From floods to tornados, wild fires to hurricanes, it seemed that no one was spared.

This series of events highlighted for us the pure unpredictability of life, and the fact that the best plans often go awry. The environmental impacts of events such as these are huge, and while some cannot be tied to a single insured, many others can be. A completely unexpected event leading to a pollution release is in fact why people buy insurance, and why more people need to consider it.

Check out some articles from our latest e-magazine, which focused on Natural Disasters:

How Natural Disasters are Changing the Way We Think About Insurance
In 2017, the country saw unprecedented destruction due to natural disasters. How has this affected the way businesses evaluate their exposures and purchase coverage?

Changing the Equation:  How Natural Disasters Increase Everyone’s Pollution Risks
From power failures to generator use―predictable exposures we can plan for.

Hurricane Harvey and the Mold Aftermath
Much of Houston may be facing mold concerns from water intrusion that was not properly detected, as a result of a seal failing, or from the work of a contractor.

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