Informational Resources for Agents & Insureds

Beacon Hill offers a number of informational resources to help you educate your clients on environmental exposures and the coverages that address them. From risk-specific coverage summaries and claim scenarios, to industry-specific price indications and customized web training, we will give you the tools you need to more effectively sell environmental coverage. We encourage you to use these resources to help your insureds understand the changing definition of environmental liability and the problems that could result from not being properly covered. We are committed to giving the highest level of service to our agents and strive to provide valuable information on insurance products that are available.

Environmental Insurance Blueprints

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Created to specifically meet the needs of individual agents and their books of business, the Blueprint series offers agents the tools to help their clients understand their environmental exposures and the coverages designed to address them. The information comes in two companion pieces; the first is geared toward the agent and offers material on environmental exposures for that particular class of business, coverage to address the exposures, and ways to overcome challenges when presenting environmental insurance options. The second part is a guide for the insured that will help to explain environmental concerns specific to the industry. They will receive real documented claims and lawsuits within their business sector, as well as other supportive information on the importance of having the right coverage. Samples include Apartment Owners & Managers, Hospitals, Construction Sites, Manufacturing Facilities, and many others.

OnTarget Indications

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The OnTarget Program allows Beacon Hill to provide its partner agents with quick and easy access to industry-specific pollution information for their non-environmental contractor clients. By sending us an Acord application with the insured’s operations and gross revenue listed, we will provide an indication of cost within 2 hours. This proposal includes a detailed breakdown of the common exposures of the class to help explain why the CPL coverage is important to the contractor. We then provide details on how the various environmental policies work, and what they can do for the specific insured, either separately or in combination. Finally, we give examples of real claims that have happened to non-environmental contractors just like your insured. If the client wants to move forward to purchase coverage, we will need our carrier’s application completed in order to provide a bindable quotation. Examples include General Contractors, Electrical Contractors, Plumbing Contractors, Roofing Contractors, and others.

Coverage Guides: Coverage Summaries

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Our Coverage Summaries offer a definition of the insurance product, an explanation of how it works, optional enhancements, minimum premiums, and available limits. We also provide a list of classes business/industries that should consider purchasing each coverage. Summaries include Contractors Pollution Liability, Packaged Coverages, Premises Pollution Liability, Energy-Related Coverages, and others.

Coverage Guides: By Industry

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The Industry Coverage Guides explain the environmental lines a specific class of business may need. We have compiled common exposures, claim scenarios, coverage information, and how to overcome challenges when selling environmental insurance to different risks that agents may work with. Guides have been created for Environmental Contractors, Non-Environmental Contractors, Sites & Facilities, and more.

Coverage Guides: Coverage Issues

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A discussion of relevant issues affecting insureds and considerations when reviewing policies. Our current guides include an in-depth analysis of Sudden & Accidental vs. Gradual Pollution coverage, Mold, Indoor Air Quality, and more.

Agency Training Seminars

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Beacon Hill has developed a series of customized interactive training webinars to be presented to agencies―at a time that is convenient for them, from the comfort of their own offices. Using a simple web-based interface, our training seminars enable agents to sit at their desks and learn valuable information about the environmental marketplace.


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Access the archives for all of our e-newsletters, which highlight the latest market news, product updates, etc.


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Every Monday we post a new blog entry, giving our agents timely information about the environmental sector, as well as sharing account profiles, improvements in our company operations, addressing common questions, etc.

Claim Scenarios

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When discussing environmental insurance with your client, it is often helpful to have specific examples of situations where the coverage has been used and, in many cases, has prevented a catastrophic financial loss to the company. We have many real-life environmental insurance claim scenarios to use when discussing the impact of pollution exposures and the importance of having the right coverage.

Environmental News Updates

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Beacon Hill provides regular news updates on our blog. Our team continually aggregates the latest news releases that we think will be of interest to our agents―current events on exposures, regulations, and other industry happenings relating to the environmental insurance industry.