Important Facts about Action Over

By Allison McGreal, Assistant Vice President, PartnerOne Environmental

If you Google the term “Action Over” you can find a plethora of articles written by lawyers and insurance professionals explaining the coverage, the NY Labor Laws and how the GL policy may be impacted. Each article may be an excellent educational resource, but as you sit in your client’s office, do you have a good enough working understanding of the coverage that will enable you to explain the intricacies to your customers? Action Over coverage is complex and may be overwhelming, and it can be difficult to confidently discuss this coverage as it relates to a specific insured’s needs.

What is Action Over?

According to the International Risk Management Institute (IRMI), it’s defined as “A type of action in which an injured employee, after collecting workers compensation benefits from the employer, sues a third party for contributing to the employee’s injury”. Often the contractual liability section… Read the complete article on the PartnerOne Environmental website.