Halloween Costumes 2019

Check out some of this year’s Halloween costumes from Beacon Hill and PartnerOne Environmental:

Noah as Detective Pikachu (Dad is Larry Simmons, Assistant Vice President)


















Avery as Elmo (Grandma is Sneh Gogia, Accounting Manager)

















Tim as Woody, Lily as the Little Mermaid, David as a Storm Trooper, Lucy as Baby Little Mermaid, and Matthew as Buzz Lightyear (Grandma is Michelle Huitt-Megela, Assistant Vice President for PartnerOne Environmental)



















Huckabee as a hammerhead shark (Dad is Ean Peyton, Underwriting Assistant for PartnerOne Environmental)













Graham as a Ninja Turtle and Ensley as a flamingo (Grandma is Marie Maxwell, Underwriter for PartnerOne Environmental)



















Hadley as Maleficent and Leighton as Sarah Sanderson (Mom is Amanda Duncan, President, PartnerOne Environmental)


















Grayson as a Mighty Morphing Red Power Ranger (Mom is Jamie Lewis, Senior Vice President)


















Marcus as a ghost (Mom is Kim Herman, Director of Compliance)

















Eli as Jason from Friday the 13th and Gwen as a witch (Mom is Robye Davidson, Director of Marketing)

















Liam as a ninja (Dad is Mike Tighe, Executive Vice President)


















Sloane as a unicorn (Dad is Mike Tighe, Executive Vice President)



















Bennett as a bear (Dad is Travis Lawson, Underwriting Assistant for PartnerOne Environmental)

















Max as Bowser from Super Mario and Conner as a scary pumpkin (Mom is Alisa Crews, Accounting Technician)



Stella as a unicorn (Mom is Chelsea Albright, Assistant Vice President)




Chris Reilly (Associate Underwriter for PartnerOne Environmental) as Bo and Jack as Seahawk from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power