Halloween 2014: Check out our kids’ costumes!

Many of our Beacon Hill and PartnerOne Environmental team members have kids who had GREAT costumes this year! Here are a few:

Sophie Cole as Freddie Mercury (Mom is Becca Cole, Associate Account Executive)

Sophie Cole_Freddie Mercury



























Sam Morgan as a gorilla (Dad is Tim Morgan, Senior Acct Exec/Rocky Mountain Regional Manager)

Sam Morgan_Gorilla























Sloan and Liam Tighe as a pig and farmer (Dad is Mike Tighe, Assistant Vice President)

Liam and Sloan Tighe_Pig and Farmer


















Jackson McAuley as Spiderman (Mom is Carter McAuley, Administrative Assistant)

Jackson McAuley_Spiderman





















Aiyanna Cason as Elsa from Frozen (Mom is Brandy Cason, Administrative Assistant)

Aiyanna Cason_Elsa from Frozen

























Eli Davidson as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (Mom is Robye Davidson, Director of Marketing)

Eli Davidson_Ninja Turtle





















Gwen Davidson as Bat Girl (Mom is Robye Davidson, Director of Marketing)

Gwen Davidson_Batgirl





















Zac Cooper as a knight (Mom is Shelly Cooper, Administrative Assistant for PartnerOne Environmental)

Zac Cooper_Knight
























Hadley and Leighton Duncan as Pocahontas and an owl (Mom is Amanda Duncan, President of PartnerOne Environmental)

Hadley and Leighton_Pocahontas and Owl





















Olaf from Frozen (Amanda’s family pumpkin)

Amanda Duncan_Pumpkin Olaf from Frozen





















Jake, eating a pumpkin (Mom is Katie Short, Administrative Assistant)

Jake eating a pumpkin




























And, last but not least…our very own insurance woman: Flo from Progressive (Amanda Duncan, President of PartnerOne Environmental)

Amanda Duncan_Flo Progressive