Environmental Insurance News 9.16.19

Recent environmental news stories:

Another Chesterfield school tests positive for legionella; parents protest board meeting

Chemical spill in southeast Lubbock prompts hours-long evacuation

Robesonia Furnace left polluted land; now the borough has a $396,000 plan to clean it up

Contamination concerns, cleanup costs grow after fuel spill at Orlando International Airport

HOA Lawsuit: Heritage Landing residents file lawsuit, say mold caused medical problems

3 Fairfield School Sites Contaminated, Tests Reveal Elevated Levels of Arsenic and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

West Michigan residents fear coal ash contaminating drinking water wells

Meadow Creek water quality back to normal, city says, after contaminants from demolition site caused fish kill

Tyson facing significant monetary consequences for spill and fish kill

When College Dormitories Become Health Hazards

Storage Tank Enforcement: Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation and Lakeland, Tennessee Operator Enter into Settlement Agreement

Capsized cargo ship causes environmental concerns

Georgia-Based Colonial Pipeline Sues Contractor Over Alabama Spill

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