CPL for Weatherization and Insulation Contractors

In this age of environmental awareness and push towards more energy efficient operations, business has really picked up for weatherization and insulation contractors. What does this profession really entail? Simply put, these contractors are tasked with implementing energy efficiency measures in buildings which work to reduce moisture, resist heat, and control sound. This may include replacing or fixing insulation, drywall, efficient lighting, and updating heating and power systems. The goal of this type of effort is to maximize comfort while decreasing energy bills. And, since many organizations—ranging from municipalities and community action agencies to the residential sector—are looking to cut costs, this is becoming a proactive way to save money on fixed expenses. Because of the environmental nature of insulation and weatherization work, it is crucial that contractors involved in these projects have the right type of environmental insurance.

PartnerOne Contractors Pollution is a monoline Contractors Pollution Liability form offering coverage for pollution claims arising from a contractor’s covered and completed operations. It targets small to middle market contractors under $25M in revenue and is available with many product enhancements. Coverage starts at just $2,500.