Contractors Pollution Liability for Biosolid Applicators

By Gayle Schumacher, PartnerOne Environmental Underwriter

Biosolid and manure applicators must adhere to a number of guidelines in order to meet government regulations for safely handling, transporting, applying, and cleaning up biosolids and similar waste. Properly hauling and applying this waste product is a very specialized industry, which can be affected by the season, surrounding land and water, and previous treatment of the land. It is crucial that these contractors be insured in the event of a claim. PartnerOne Environmental has the ability to offer Contractors Pollution Liability (CPL) and in some cases General Liability coverage to insureds who specialize in biosolid pumping and application services. These insurance products provide coverage for claims arising from an insured’s covered and completed operations.

Currently we see a large concentration of biosolids/manure operations in the Midwestern states, although this type of activity takes place across the country. Many qualified contractors have grown their businesses in the Midwestern region of the country due to the large number of agricultural facilities in this area and as such, many are required to carry Contractors Pollution Liability coverage for their pumping and applications services.

Some points for agents to consider when selling environmental coverage to biosolids/ manure service companies include:

  • Since many agricultural risks involve large family farms that have been operating for many generations, proper asset protection is required. One large pollution incident can bankrupt the family owned and operated business if proper coverage is not in place.
  • The Contractors Pollution Liability coverage should include completed operations, coverage for the actual pumping, transportation, and application of the materials to the client’s fields. The Transportation Pollution Liability coverage needs to include in-transit coverage along with the actions of loading and unloading from the vacuum trucks.
  • Important information an underwriter will want to review include both the state-issued applicator license reflecting proper training and the implementation of a jobsite safety handbook. Keys items for the safety handbook may include: (1) communication between supervisors and employees, (2) the handling of any dangerous gases that could be created from pumping operations, and (3) emergency action plans.

For more information on environmental coverage for biosolid and manure applicators, please contact us. With over twenty-two years of experience in accessing environmental insurance for agents, we are here to help you with these types of unique risks.