Carrier Perspectives of the Energy Marketplace

See what some of our top energy carriers are saying about the current energy insurance marketplace. We interviewed them to get their take on challenges, trends, and their predictions for the coming year.

Devastating oil spills. Fracking. Wildly fluctuating gas prices. An increase in environmental regulations and lawsuits. The energy business has gotten a tremendous amount of publicity and analysis over the last several years, and much of this attention has impacted the way consumers―and insurance companies―view demand, accountability, and the practices of energy companies. These energy contractors and consultants are tasked with performing energy-related operations that are vital to our global economy. And the combination of environmental awareness among the public, politics surrounding the oil & gas sector, and the impact of energy stories in social media and other news outlets have brought this industry to the forefront even more. As the energy market expands and contracts, insurance companies have experienced some interesting challenges when evaluating the risks associated with an industry where pricing and demand can change so quickly. Read the article in Beacon Hill’s e-magazine, The Summit.