Beacon Hill Surveys: Filling in the Blank

By Chris Reilly, Administrative Assistant

Surveys are tools for gathering information that we see all around us; on our grocery stores receipts, after we go on a trip or stay in a hotel, and of course in the closed account or bound account emails from Beacon Hill Associates or PartnerOne Environmental. While surveys may seem like a waste of time, they actually provide useful information that is helpful to both Beacon Hill/PartnerOne and the agent. Some areas that we to use survey data are to measure: the quality of service our company is providing, which areas of service our company may be able to improve upon, what products and areas our clients want more information regarding, and finally surveys allow us to collect basic information regarding an agent or agency.

These surveys are sent out when a new account is bound or closed, and also when a renewal account is bound or closed. In order to give a better understanding of surveys, it is important to examine the types of questions Beacon Hill Associates and PartnerOne Environmental use in their surveys. There are three main types of questions that are present in most of our surveys, open-ended questions, multiple choice or close-ended questions, and questions that are geared towards updating our basic knowledge.

All three of these types of questions are useful to us. These surveys allow us to see what our agents believe we can do better and allow us to strive to improve in those areas. Open-ended questions allow for agents to give feedback on the quality of service they received, and because they are open-ended, there are no restrictions on what may be suggested by the agent. Open-ended questions also allow for us to examine the quality of the product we are offering, since some of our surveys will ask “What was your reason you bound this account with another company?” This lets us see what we aren’t offering as a product or service that others may be, and allows for us to improve on the quality of product or variety or products that are offered. Basic knowledge questions keep us up to date on your agencies and agents. This information allows us to send additional product information, newsletters, and other information that may be useful to your office.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when filling out a survey:

1)      Be honest. Yes we do look at the surveys. No that does not mean you should sweeten what you say. You and your insured purchasing a product/service; let us know what we can do better! It’s very encouraging to see positive reinforcement, but it’s also encouraging to see specific feedback on what you would want to improve in your experience with us.

2)      Fill out the parts that matter. It can be tedious if you’ve done a few accounts in a small amount of time to fill out all of those surveys. We see when an agent fills out multiple surveys. If you told us which marketing tools to send you for future business in one survey, you don’t need to tell us in the next surveys as well.

3)      Take the time to complete and submit the survey. Ultimately, the survey is helping our company better serve you. Use this time as a way to explain what improvements you’d like to see, or what you thought went well. The more information you can give us, the better equipped we will be to continue offering the best service possible.

For more information on Beacon Hill’s surveys, call us at (800) 596-2156 or email