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Site Pollution Policy for a County Government Parcel of Land

Beacon Hill recently bound coverage for a county government location, providing a $10M limit, 10-year Site Pollution Liability policy. Coverage is for a parcel of land that was previously a scrap metal yard which has been developed into a park with baseball fields. There was soil contamination on the parcel that had been remediated, but the county still wanted a Site Pollution policy. This account required extensive analysis of several environmental reports in order to get a full understanding of the exposure. We were able to get options from multiple carriers and our ability to match the expiring coverages and enhancements quickly and efficiently helped us bind this $115,000 account.


CPL & TPL for a Septic Cleaning, Installation, and Repair Company

Last month we wrote a Contractors Pollution Liability policy for a business specializing in septic tank cleaning and tank installation and repair. This company has $3M in revenues with 32 employees; they needed CPL with Transportation Pollution Liability for their septic tank pump trucks in the event of an accident that results in a spill. We were able to provide a CPL quote including Blanket TPL coverage within 24 of hours of receiving the application from the agent. We bound this account for $4,119.

Abatement Contractor Needing a Package Policy With Options

We recently worked on an account for a $1.3M abatement contractor needing GL/CPL/E&O and a $2M Excess policy. The insured was interested in potentially moving coverage from the existing agent to our retail agent. We were able to help our agent win the account by providing a full coverage review of our quotes vs. the expiring program. The coverage placed was at a competitive premium and gave broader coverage for the insured compared to the expiring program. We were also able to offer a reduced revenue quote option for the insured prior to binding based on the instability of the projected revenue for the insured because of the Covid-19 pandemic. By offering a flexible solution and the tools to compare and sell the coverage, Beacon Hill helped the agent bind the account and the insured secured an insurance program designed to fit their needs. Total premium was $11,300.


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