Account Profile: E-Recycler

By Ivy Riggs, Executive Underwriter

E-recyclers typically pick up used phones, computers, and other electronics, bring them back to a facility, and take them apart to dispose of or reuse. Exposures could include: heavy metals leaching into soil or groundwater, improper sorting/packaging/labeling of hazardous or non-hazardous materials, improper handling or storage of the waste at the site or improper disposal of the waste at a non-owned facility, over the road spills of hazardous waste, and onsite storage of chemicals, any storage tanks, or generators used at the facility. In this account profile, we will highlight a Texas-based e-recycler and the coverage they chose to purchase.

Insured’s operations:

$5M company specializing in Information Technology, Asset Management, E-Scrap & E-Waste Recycling, and Remarketing & End-of-Life Electronics Recycling. This insured utilizes vendors that require a minimum of $1M limits in Pollution Liability. Specified terms must include blanket non-owned disposal site coverage.


17,000 square foot warehouse owned by the insured, occupied for this usage for last 4 years.


This insured takes pride in the fact that as part of their commitment to environmental sustainability, they operate in compliance with R2 standards. Obtaining R2 certification mandates the purchase of Pollution Liability insurance with specific terms included. Some e-recyclers have moved their businesses from non-compliant vendors as R2 Practices are becoming the game-changing set of requirements in this industry.