Regional Representative: Alex Krcmarik

Alex Krcmarik handles the following states for Beacon Hill*:

AZ, CO, ID, MT, ND, NE, NM, SD, UT, and WY

*Please note, accounts in these states may be handled by another Beacon Hill Account Executive where appropriate to make sure we can provide the best service and expertise possible.

Alex has had particular success writing the following types of accounts:

  • Environmental Contractors – asbestos, lead, mold remediation, fire restoration, industrial cleaners, tank contractors, etc.
  • Environmental Consultants – regulatory agencies, health & safety, real estate, construction, waste management, etc.
  • Sites and Facilities – health care facilities (including nursing homes and adult care centers), industrial facilities, recycling centers, warehouses, manufacturers, etc.
  • Energy Risks – roustabout contractors, oilfield cleanup, pipeline contractors, oilfield electricians, alternative energy contractors, etc.

Regional success stories:

  • $9.6M Fire & restoration contractor
    Coverage purchased General Liability, Contractors Pollution Liability (including Mold), E&O and a $10M Excess policy
    Premium = $126,746
  • $4M Asbestos abatement contractor
    Coverage purchased: General Liability, Contractors Pollution Liability, and Workers Compensation
    Policy limit: $1M/$2M (GL/CPL) and $1M (WC)
    Premium = $150,000
  • Oil storage and separation facilities with three locations
    Coverage purchased: Premises Pollution Liability and Transportation Pollution Liability
    Premium = $15,000
  • An apartment complex management company
    Coverage purchased Site Pollution Liability
    Policy limit: $1M/$2M
    Premium = $25,200
  • Composter/recycling business
    Coverage purchased: Site Pollution Liability for new conditions, 3-year term
    Premium = $13,789
  • Real Estate and property management corporation
    Coverage purchased: Portfolio Pollution policy for the current and future properties.
    Policy limit: $3M/$3M 3-yr
    Premium = $55,000 with negotiated rate on future developments.
  • $1M Water Restoration Facility
    Coverage purchased: General Liability/Site Pollution Liability and Excess
    Policy limits: $1M/$2M primary and $5M Excess
    Premium = $26,000
  • $1.16M Environmental consulting & compliance company
    Coverage purchased: Genera Liability, Contractors Pollution Liability, Professional, Excess
    Policy limit: $1M/$1M Primary, $2M
    Excess Premium = $15,000
  • $20M Industrial contractor specializing in metal fabrication, welding, riviting, bolting & installation work, millwright work, pipeline, and steel/concrete erection.
    Coverage purchased General Liability/Contractors Pollution Liability and a $9M Excess
    Premium = $144,210
  • $100M General construction contractor
    Coverage purchased: Contractors
    Pollution Liability with Sudden & Accidental, Non-Owned Disposal Sites & Transportation Pollution
    Policy limit: $1M/$2M
    Premium = $17,000
  • $20M Start up refinery contractor doing concrete construction, pile-driving, and excavation.
    Coverage purchased: General Liability/Contractors Pollution Liability and a $10M Excess
    Premium = $276,000